Play school 

At Anubhuti we strongly believe that every child is precious and gifted. We unfold love and care with creative and playful educational techniques and processes.
Our team is our strength and we have an enriching experience of working with children and parents.
Teaching approach at Anubhuti is where teachers help children to make their own plan for the day.
• Cognitive skill
• Motor activities
• Emotional skill
• Social skill
• Play
• Communication

We offer
Story telling
Story card making
Special craft session
Special educational trip on Fridays
With other regular activities
Age group 2 years to 5 years
Monday to Friday
Time 10pm to 12 pm 

 We arranged a tram ride for the children . Anubhuti works for the children who have communication and Socialisation difficulty.
The trip was just to help them to explore.