About Us

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 ANUBHUTI is a Non Governmental Organization in Kolkata working with children with special needs, underprivileged women and children. We are working in different areas like
Areas of work:

In health we focus on mental health both of the mother and the child considering both pre and post natal stages. The children we are dealing with have some issues with sensory integration which leads to different behavioural problems . So, to balance the sensory integration they need some external support which is taken care by the society. We also provide Pre and Post natal pregnancy counselling to mothers focusing mainly on the under privileged sections .
For education and socialization we give pre -school training with special play activities, main streaming and special education support.
The women group we are working with are involved in making paper bags and cloth bags to make an environment friendly society.
To encourage women empowerment we are working with a women group of around hundred in Diamond Harbour, Kolkata. These women are involved in jewellery making, embroidery work, scarfs, paper bags , cloth bags and diya’s. Vocational training is given for the above activities and art and craft. 

Our speciality 

1. A good dedicated team
2. Warmth and care for the children
3. Varieties in curriculum
4. Strong bond with parents
5. Help a child to take a lead
6. We have psychologists, special educators , art and craft teacher, social worker ,communication/ story telling specialist and parents in our team.

Our advisors are 
Aparna Bhattacharya 
Specialist . Strategy and Development . U.K
Specialist. Picture Exchange Communication System(Pecs). Canada
Dr. Mini Kurian
Centre for Autism India